File Tracking System (FTS)

File Tracking System (FTS)

  • Using QR code, barcode, RFID to track files.
  • Reduce human error
  • A tracking solution no matter what your line of business or industry is
  • Comprehensive solution and a trouble-free implementation,


Paper record-keeping is still a reality for many companies and industries. Any file tracking and management system lacking a software and auto-ID (barcode, QR CODE or RFID) component is destined to fail. V TECH can provide hardware and software solutions which will greatly ease keeping tabs on your documents and files. You need a location-based system that tracks the documents and folders themselves, as well as the current building, floor, room, cabinet, custodian, etc. where it is located. As much detail as you need can be provided. We have helped our clients eliminate lost files and records, reduce wasted man-hours searching for misplaced documents, and eliminate pain points associated with compliance and audits. Even if your main business focus is not on document management, many organizations can still benefit from this solution for tasks such as warranty and lease management.



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