V TRACK Payment Collection System

Your safety is our top priority.

The COVID 19 pandemic is changing the courses in the arena of business and affected how a business is run.

Is your business facing difficulty in tracing, following up and collecting payment?

Our ANDROID cloud-based payment system can support you NOW!


  1. manually record the payment received from all the clients i.e. via cash, credit card, online transfer or other methods.
  2. Salesperson didn’t submit the payment after they receive from their clients.
  3. Salesperson need to clock into office to submit payment

NOW, you don’t need your salesman to enter office so often just to submit payment. You can check Via online.


  1. Payment Collection System in the Android version so sales team can use the system in any Android mobile device.
  2. with a Mobile Printer, they can print receipt on the spot for their clients.
  3. In the backend at her office, admin can receive all the information once salesperson saves and prints the receipt.
  4. Admin can use the data to produce necessary reports without needing to key in any extra information anymore.


Payment Collection System

The automated collection system makes the payment collections easy on both sides. You can also eliminate the unnecessary hassles and systematically manage receipts in a single platform.













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