Warehouse Picking Module

Warehouse Picking Module

Improve your warehouse business efficiency with automated pick lists. Orders created in the field can be sent immediately to the warehouse to help decrease order processing time, reduce errors, help the earth by reducing printing on papers, and improve accountability.



Instead of print, email, or fax orders going to the warehouse, you can instantly provide picking staff with dynamic pick lists from orders made that day. You can also automate the updates for when a picklist is completed, or on a time-based schedule.

The Warehouse Picking Module enables you to:
  • Immediately send orders made in the field to the warehouse for picking
  • Assign pick lists to individual staff members with handhelds
  • Use barcode scanning to pick items or add item quantities manually
  • Create a backorder in any system and adjust the invoices automatically if stock is unavailable in the quantity of the order
  • View pick lists in multiple ways giving warehouse staff control over the way they pick items, checklists and manage their data
  • Create and print an invoice to send with the order once it is completed
  • Notify when order is ready for dispatch and the invoice is ready to be sent to the accounting system
  • Integration with WMS Web Services

The key benefits of the Warehouse Picking Module are:

  • Promotes same-day deliveries
  • Electronically publish pick lists to warehouse staff handhelds
  • Checks every picked item against its barcode to avoid errors
  • Scanning items off the pick list eliminates incorrect items and quantities being picked
  • Instantly speeds up the picking process by scanning the barcode when an item is picked
  • Easily invoice for the picked amounts and easily create backorders requests of missing stock that are then sent to the accounting system
  • Removes manual steps and reduces touchpoints in your picking process.



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