Cipherlab CPT8000

Cipherlab CPT8000

  • With its size and price the unit is comparable with mobile phone – even the performance stands in the level of the model CPT-711.
  • IR communication cradle with connection to COM port of PC is standard in each set, but you can easily transfer data also via IrDA interface of your computer.


The 8000 Portable Data Terminal is the smallest and the cheapest one, even with the high performance designed for all-day, everyday use. CPT-8000 is powered by two AAA size batteries, CPT-8001 uses the standard Li-ION rechargeable accumulator (Nokia), and is equipped with recharging cradle. Like all portable terminals from CipherLab, it is supported by a rich set of development tools, including a Windows-based application generator, “C” and “Basic” compilers. With its integrated barcode scanning unit, the 8000 Portable Data Terminal is ideal for applications such as inventory control, access control and shop floor management, etc. Each set comes to you with the communication cradle as the standard and with the Application generator AG-8000, which is always available to download from internet.





Cipherlab CPT8000 Brochure

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