Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System

We have the best inventory management system you ever needed for your business for managing all types of retail inventory including FMCG, DIY, drug stores, pharmacies, toy stores, household appliances and more. The system allows you to track the dynamics of sales, stocks and their surpluses throughout the company, warehouses, stores, and suppliers.


  • Consists of Stock check module, stock take module
  • Online Warehouse Goods Tracking System with Barcode:⦁ Backend software – For setting up customers database, user management, label printing, reporting
    ⦁ Front end Software (PDA) – To create the Good Receive and Delivery Order
    ⦁ User management, multi-role setup
    ⦁ Customer database
    ⦁ Item master – Serialiase item code, Ref No. (Barcode from supplier), Description, Dimension (W x H x L), M3 (Auto calculation), Weight, Remarks (Packing/ctn), Qty, Batch No., Ownership, Print barcode.
    ⦁ Pre-goods barcode labels will be printed based on supplier DO and label on items.
    ⦁ Goods In – Good received – Customer name, storage location
    ⦁ Transfer items – Change of location
    ⦁ Goods Out – Deliver order – will deduct from system
    ⦁ FIFO system, based on batch number (by date), warning if violated.
    ⦁ Quick data capture using barcode or QR code
    ⦁ Audit log
    ⦁ Reporting – Item listing, Item balance by customer, Item balance by location, Item aging report.
    ⦁ Scheduling auto-backup daily
    ⦁ RFID future upgradeable
    ⦁ Comes with 1 YEAR Unlimited support thru phone and internet access



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