GoDEX HD830i

GoDEX HD830i

  • 3.2” color touchscreen facilitates intuitive navigation. Adjustable to 15°.
  • Dual-Colored status LEDs and calibration button for simplicity.
  • Robust metal casing and solid print mechanism to take on heavy-duty jobs
  • Outstanding breadth: max label width 10”/ Max print width 8.57”.
  • Optional wireless connectivity: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi module
  • Top cover designed for ease of motion: heightened safety and comfort.
  • A sturdy external label stand for up to 10” roll diameters included.
  • Adjustable media detectors: including reflective and see-through sensors.
  • Advanced adaptive dampening technology : to optimize print quality.
  • Internal Media Pressure plate is designed to stabilize the label printing process.


The best-in-class eight inch wide industrial barcode printer. Perfect for wide format labels.
GoDEX’s HD830i is an eight-inch barcode printer designed for applications that require large and
durable labels. The HD830i is a rugged printer of exquisite design which includes significant
characteristics of high performance electronics, reliable mechanism, user -friendliness and easy
maintenance design.





Godex HD830i Brochure

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