Loyverse POS Works on iMin Devices

Loyverse POS app can be installed and run on iMin mobile devices. iMin produces a line of integrated mobile devices dedicated to the point of sale systems. There are devices with build-in receipt printers, such as iMin M2, D1w, D2, D2 Pro, D3, D3 Premium, D4.









To connect the printer, select “Other model” in the Loyverse POS settings and set it as a Bluetooth printer.
Check the tutorial: How to Set Up Other Printers in Loyverse POS

Some of the iMin models have dual screens; with such models, Loyverse POS will run only on the main screen, and the facing customer screen will not work. There is no automatic data transfer between a build-in device scale and Loyverse POS for iMin D1w.

















iMin has headquarters in Singapore and several offices in Asia. iMin develops intelligent commercial hardware solutions that help businesses to run more cost-effectively.

iMin devices are specialized to run POS applications. iMin M2 will enable you to move around with keeping POS in your hand. iMin D4 has 15.6 inch size screen which is much bigger than iPad Pro. So it will greatly help cashier to use POS application.

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